White, suspended acoustic ceiling in lecture hall with wooden walls and a slanting floor with rows of chairs

Brno University of Technology

Project: Brno University of Technology - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Segment: Education

Country/city: Czech Republic, Brno

Architect: Studio Architectural office Radko Květ

Photographer: Štěpán Látal

Production year: 2019

In the heart of Brno, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Brno University of Technology sought to enhance its learning environment. Studio Architectural Office Radko Květ was tasked with the challenge, focusing on improving acoustics. They turned to Ecophon, renowned for their acoustic solutions.

With precision and innovation, Ecophon Gedina™ seamlessly integrated into the ceiling, ensures optimal sound absorption. Simultaneously, Ecophon Focus™ Lp transformed lecture halls into realms of clarity, controlling reverberation and commanding attention. Thanks to these silent champions, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering became a haven where the pursuit of knowledge thrived, undisturbed by external noise.