Free-hanging acoustic panels in pastel colours in large room in children's centre with colourful furniture and big windows

Childcare centre

Project: ČSOB corporate childcare centre

Segment: Education

Country/city: Czech Republic, Prague

Architect: MO Atelier s.r.o., Ing. Jan Moravec, Ing.Arch. Barbora Petríková

Ceiling installer: MIKO systems s.r.o.

Photographer: Štěpán Látal

Production year: 2023

The childrcare centre is located in the ČSOB headquarters building, which is a significant administrative building constructed in 2006. The renovations involved part of the premises on the ground floor, which originally housed offices. The space has now been converted into a childcare centre, designed for two separate children's groups. Each group has a capacity of 22 children. The centre is primarily intended for the employees of the NHQ building and the adjacent SHQ building.

The interior of the childcare centre is designed to be colorful and playful, complemented by large glass windows that allow constant contact with the outdoor environment and nature. The playrooms are bright, spacious, and feature high ceilings enhanced by colorful, acoustic absorbers Ecophon Solo™ Circle.

Both classrooms are connected to an outdoor terrace, which serves for short-term outdoor activities for the children. The terrace currently features a wooden plank walkway and climbing plants.

The proposed acoustic solution in the playrooms have significantly reduced the reverberation time, especially in the frequency bands important for speech intelligibility. The design of the entrance cloakrooms aimed to create a much calmer environment, which was undoubtedly achieved with the installation of Solo Circle. Finally, the improvement in acoustic comfort has a positive effect on the children's activity levels and the overall perception of the working environment by teachers and other staff.