Coach+Result training and coaching

Project: Coach+Result training and coaching

Segment: Office/education

Country/city: Netherlands, Ulvenhout

Installer: Normakoestiek

Photographer: Hugo de Jong

Project size: 50 m²


Coach + Result BV is located in a beautiful building in Ulvenhout, Netherlands where they provide training and coaching in an inspiring environment. The rooms have beautiful high windows and ceilings, which is often a challenge from an acoustic point of view. Ecophon, in collaboration with Normakoestiek, has applied our new product the Master™ Eg as the first project in the Netherlands.

This newcomer to the Master product family with absorption class A has a special edge finish painted in black and white with concealed panel edges. The black suspension system ensures that the panels have a floating design. The different panel sizes offer unique and creative design possibilities. In terms of look and feel, this product also fits perfectly with the appearance of the building.

The result is an acoustic environment where people can fully focus and ultimately deliver the best performance.