Black free-hanging acoustic ceiling in office lounge area

Fill Future Zone

Project: Fill Future Zone

Segment: Office

Country/city: Austria, Gurten

Architect: Architekturbüro DI Andreas Matulik

Installer: SPERER Acoustics GmbH

Photographer: Oliver Hallwirth |

Production year: 2020

The FILL FUTURE ZONE is a high-tech centre for the advancement of digitalisation, software engineering, and mechanical development. It provides a look into the future of machine production. Another highlight in the new building complex is the INNVIERTEL FUTURE LAB, a modern knowledge and learning centre for children, young people and adults. Digitisation, research, innovation, natural sciences and technology are the focus here. In a total of eight labs, such as the Media Lab, VR Lab or Data Lab, visitors can access the topics playfully and intuitively.

In addition to the Future Lab, the extraordinary presentation and training room "Holodeck" is available for learning units. Events, workshops, lectures, seminars and lessons become an incomparable experience for the participants.

In all rooms, both the laboratories and the holodeck, as well as the open office workstations, Ecophon Solo™ Rectangle in the colour Dark Diamond was chosen. The free-hanging units fit well into the futuristic, minimalist design concept and provide a pleasant acoustic atmosphere.