Project: Friedrich-Rückert-Gymnasium Düsseldorf

Segment: Education

Country/city: Germany, Düsseldorf

Architect: agn Niederberghaus & Partner GmbH

Installer: Innenausbau Hoffrogge GmbH

Photographer: HGEsch Photography

Production year: 2021

Friedrich-Rueckert-Gymnasium fit for the future

In order to meet the increasing number of students and the high demand for places at the Gymnasium, the City Council of Düsseldorf decided to expand and extensively modernize the building complex.

The grammar school was expanded with a two-storey extension and a sports hall. The refurbishment included, among other things, the upgrading of the entire building's exterior. An attractive, artistic facade solution completes the end result.

Classrooms and breakout spaces as well as the media centre with a self-learning section are located on the upper floor and have been equipped with the latest technology. Learning zones for quiet and independent work have been placed in the wide corridors.

In order to create a well-functioning learning environment from an acoustic point of view, the acoustics must meet the requirements associated with the purpose of the premises. Thanks to modern media technology, classrooms can be used for many more activities today than they used to. High-traffic areas such as break halls, stairwells and canteens need to be effectively separated from classrooms and staff rooms. In addition, being places for relaxation and recreation – an important part of modern education – they should provide a comfortable sound environment.

For this pilot and reference object, the architectural office agn Niederberghaus & Partner GmbH found suitable Ecophon acoustic solutions early on, knowing that good acoustics are an investment in well-being, learning and learning comfort. This can be achieved with wall-to-wall acoustic ceilings made of highly absorbent materials and wall absorbers, which also support the lessons in a practical way because they can be used as a pin board.

Mayor Dr. Stephan Keller: "We have managed to provide the students with a completely modernized and refurbished school in less than three years. The new rooms of the Friedrich-Rueckert-Gymnasium and the evening school have been prepared to the highest standards and thus offer the ideal basis for learning and teaching."