Kindergarten Nemo

Project: Kindergarten Nemo, Beroun

Segment: Education

Country/city: Czech Republic, Beroun

Architect: Konstantinos Tsirtsikos, AKESO holding a.s.

Photographer: AKESO holding a.s.

Production year: 2022


Ecophon Solo™ Freedom was chosen by the architect for its malleability

Noise and speech intelligibility play an important role even in the case of the smallest. At the private NEMO Kindergarten in Beroun, they conceived the solution of acoustics creatively.

"There are generally very noisy conditions in kindergartens. In them, teachers often have to speak louder and are sometimes forced to go directly behind the children in an attempt to convey something to them or wait for their reaction. The need to speak louder to children naturally strains the vocal cords, and most teachers have problems with them during their careers. I am therefore very happy that the acoustics in our school meet the less stringent standards," says Blanka Nedorostová, director of the NEMO Kindergarten in Beroun.