Trilux Amersfoort

Project: Trilux Amersfoort

Segment: Office

Country/city: The Netherlands, Amersfoort

Architect: Quadrant4

Installer: Dema Totaalafbouw B.V.

Photography: Timo Reisiger


TRILUX Light Campus - lighting and acoustics in perfect harmony

TRILUX, the German market leader in technical lighting, offers tailor-made energy-efficient and future-oriented lighting solutions. Sustainability is an integral part of the organization and the well-being of employees is an important part of it.

At the beginning of 2019, TRILUX moved to a new location in an existing business complex. Architect Quadrant4 has designed a new work and office concept for this. The office, which bears the name Light Campus Amersfoort, consists of 800 m² open office and various meeting rooms as well as a gaming room and training center for the “TRILUX Akademie”. The rooms are equipped with the latest intelligent lighting solutions from TRILUX based on Human Centric Lighting. This contributes to a healthy biorhythm of the employees, which supports them in their daily work.

To create a pleasant and calm sound environment, Ecophon Solo™ ceiling islands in various shapes have been used throughout the room. The new office has become a place where light and acoustics optimally contribute to a pleasant working environment in which innovation, creativity, collaboration and productivity come together.

Watch the video, hear how the project came about and listen to the experiences of the employees.