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Hospital facades: What you see is what you get

The Kuopio University Hospital in central Finland stands out compared to most other hospital buildings. The facade is adorned with photographs from inside the human body.

Impact of noise in the workplace – A research summary

Delve into one of the superdrivers of workplace experience, noise. A deep dive in sound and environmental psychology of the productivity aspect of hearing.

Sound, acoustics and treatment spaces

In Denmark, there is a popular proverb saying ‘you need to have a strong health to survive a hospital stay’! It is commonly known that a lot of patients get infections during a hospital stay and the proverb...

Comfort in hospital spaces

In 1858, Florence Nightingale expressed the following words: ‘Unnecessary noise is the most cruel absence of care which can be inflicted upon either the sick or well!’ Today, more than 100 years after...

Spaces for diagnosis

Picture yourself in a big cathedral. All the hard surfaces of the space make the sound bounce back and forth...

Municipal Music School of Pinto

The Municipal Music School of Pinto was in need of improving the acoustics...

What does long reverberation time sound like?

In a lot of hospitals and healthcare buildings all over the world, room acoustics are challenged. Acoustic design engineer Thea Mathilde Larsen recently did a project to show what hospitals actually sound like.

Doosan Bobcat: Creative company campus reflects the corporate brand

When the world’s leading manufacturer of compact excavators and loaders, Doosan Bobcat...

New method for optimal acoustic design in open plan offices

The traditional methods for assessing acoustic design uses data referring to an unoccupied empty space. But it is first when you consider the...

Willibrord Nursing Home

Middelburg, The Netherlands

Ulster Hospital

Ulster, Ireland

Philharmonic Hall

Penza, Russia

Penza Concert Hall

Penza, Russia

Microsoft Office

Warsaw, Poland

Better acoustic environment equals better decision making

An all-new study shows that a better acoustic environment reduces stress and leads to better decision making.

Skoda Auto Office

Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic