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Tomaszów Lubelski Swimming pool

Tomaszów Lubielski, Poland

XV Secondary School

Warsaw, Poland

Acoustic Design Guide: Telehealth

This Acoustic Design Guide contains a quick and accessible introduction to the most important acoustic design aspects of rooms used for telehealth – meaning rooms with video and audio equipment.

Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology

Warsaw, Poland

Central Fire Station Přerov

Přerov, The Czech Republic

Winter Stadium

Novy Jicin, The Czech Republic

Sports hall

Otrokovice, The Czech Republic

Masaryk University

Brno, The Czech Republic

Náchod Hospital

Náchod, The Czech Republic

Senior Housing

Havlíčkův Brod, The Czech Republic

Winchester Science Centre

The Winchester Science Centre seized the opportunity provided by Covid-19 lockdowns to improve acoustic conditions by identifying the venue’s “noise hot-spots” and applying a variety of Ecophon’s sound-absorbent solutions.

Alarming effects of noise in schools

86% of French students in middle and high school find their school too noisy. The worst place is the canteen, followed by the corridors and the entrance hall. This is showed by a recent French survey of students in middle and high school.

French school sets a new standard for learning spaces

A main pedagogic idea of the sixth form college is to develop and encourage student eloquence. So, when the school was set up in 2019, it was with a strong focus on acoustics and to offer the best speaking conditions possible.

Revitalizing a Victorian-era school building through improved acoustics

The design of primary school buildings was as different from today in the late 1800s as ideas about the value of education.

Kauhava School Centre

The modern learning environments at Kauhava School Centre also provide recreational facilities for the whole town. Ecophon’s acoustic solutions ensure an acoustic environment that works well for both school pupils and evening users.

Smart classrooms make pupils feel like home

We have all got used to smart phones, smart watches and smart TV:s. But smart classrooms? Oh yes. A research project in Barcelona has developed a concept of learning spaces that is, well – smart.