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As I recall, my educational experience was very passive and until I studied Interior Design much of my learning opportunities seemed to pass me by. I became much more engaged in my learning during the 4 years studying design, however it wasn’t until I came across Ecophon that I realised something very profound. The importance of acoustics in everyday design had largely passed me by….

Ecophon basically challenged my thinking and understanding of acoustics in design. Acoustic quality in architecture was now tabled as being, not a luxury for specialist spaces but a commodity and necessity for everyday spaces like schools, hospitals and offices. Well, I never looked back and I have learned many fundamental things about how acoustics affects our well-being, shapes behavior and how we manage spaces in learning environments.

10 beats per minute lower heart rate when the classroom acoustics were improved – noise is a physical stressor.

I have been very fortunate to have been involved in many applied research projects and intervention studies and have discovered along this journey that it is not trains, planes and automobiles which improving the classroom acoustics makes an enormous difference. Teachers have been found to have on average, 10 beats per minute lower heart rate when the classroom acoustics were improved – noise is a physical stressor. Optimising classroom acoustics for the inclusion of hearing impaired children not only helps them but helps all the children and their teachers, it supports inclusive dialogue, where the active involvement of all students can lead to deeper learning outcomes.

I feel very passionate about creating environments to encourage active and collaborative learning, something which is genuinely possible with a good sound environment. To collaborate around ongoing research opportunities and I believe there is still much to be understood around supporting effective learning spaces, with the aim to help all the stakeholders involved understand the importance of acoustic design and realise the solutions…. This is what gets me up in the morning!


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