Juan Negreira

Juan Negreira

Juan NegreiraMy parents, not long ago, informed me that both them and me started experiencing the power of sound in the very early stages of my life. Whom before-sound was an untameable, hyperactive little boy, turned into a much mellower kid after music and violin came into my life, aged 8. Ever since, I have somewhat always been linked not only to music but to sound in general, which led me to finalise a PhD in building acoustics.

During the PhD and after it, already working as university teacher and researcher in Sweden, and being more aware of the physical properties of sound and buildings, I got passionate about the challenging connection between the human-side of acoustics (i.e. how people perceive and react to sound) and the technical one (i.e. room and building acoustic design).

I firmly believe in research and knowledge’s ability to change and improve our lives, and specifically when it comes to matters as the achievement of acoustic comfort and well-being in closed spaces (offices, schools, hospitals...), where we (unfortunately) spend 90% of our time. Along those lines, I have taken up the great challenge of bringing sound into the visual world we live in and thus try to raise the awareness of good acoustics in the building sector through knowledge-based actions; lectures, research and product development.

I really hope that I can pass on, to all of you that I may meet, my passion about this science that never ceases to amaze me, and ultimately give the “aesthetics of sound” and the “visible acoustics” the importance they deserve in our daily lives.


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