Close-up of Clipso stretch fabric in different colours

Stretch ceilings & walls –
it starts with fabric

Ecophon Clipso™ is a technical knitted fabric that allows you to dress walls and ceilings with full covering. To create a seamless look, the fabric is stretched by the discrete profile, fixed to the room’s perimeter. The visible surface is a knitted textile that is coated to provide a highly resistant fabric.
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Customised aluminum frames

Clipso offers a wide range of frames in any shape, such as customisable acoustic free hanging units composed of islands and baffles, wall-mounted units, partitions and totems. The Clipso solution consists of the aluminum frame, which is either visible or covered, So Acoustic fabric (white, colours or printed) and an acoustic absorber.

Acoustic stretch fabric wall solution in museum
Acoustic stretch fabric ceiling in  spacious museum hall
Ceiling with shapes covered with acoustic stretch fabric

The frame height is 40 mm to 100 mm for straight edges.

To enhance the visual design of islands and wall units, Clipso offers an elegant Arawn profile, covered with So Acoustic fabric. Arawn frame include two layers of 10 mm acoustic absorber, with a total height of 39 mm.

  • Shape: square, oval, round, rectangle or triangle
  • Fabric: So Acoustic
  • Design: White, colours, printed


Looking for an innovative way to cover a wall? Take design one step further than wallpaper or paint with customisable, original solutions.

Our stretch fabrics can be printed with the visuals of your choice and sized to fit your dimensions.

Printed stretch fabric on bedroom wall
Printed stretch fabric on bedroom walls
Printed stretch fabric in bathroom ceiling

You can browse a wide range of images and collections in our gallery to create a unique interior. Contact us for more information.

  • Fabrics: Decoprint, Decoprint satin, So Acoustic

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