Grey, acoustic wood wool ceiling in conference room with chairs in rows and a corner sofa and three coffee tables at the back of the room

Wood wool – a timeless natural appearance

Let us introduce a new chapter as we welcome wood wool to the Ecophon family. Taking our legacy of acoustics to the next level. Ecophon Saga™ contributes to a pleasant environment by combining the qualities of wood with acoustic advantages. Wood is a long-lasting natural material renowned for its ability to absorb sound, store heat and balance moisture in the indoor climate. When paired with Ecophon absorbers and Connect™ grids, sound absorption reaches Class A levels.
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Ecophon Saga™ offers two visual appearances: an exposed grid system or edge-to-edge bonding with a narrow groove between each tile. Either way, the beauty and warmth of wood remain intact.

Ecophon Saga™ A with visible grid installation

Ecophon Saga™ B with bonded edge-to-edge installation

Ecophon Saga™ B with bonded edge-to-edge installation


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Close-up of acoustic wood wool panels in different pastel colours

Repaintable with consistent sound absorption

A unique feature of Ecophon Saga™ is that the surface can be repainted without compromising sound absorption. There is no need for demounting or purchasing new panels; we provide the colour, and then the painting can take place.

A world of colours

The colour range includes a wide range of attractive colours. Should your project require colours beyond our available range, we can deliver any NCS colour to order.

The Nordic collection is inspired by the Nordic nature. These are all calm colours that do well on large surfaces, suit many different environments, and are easy to combine with other coloured materials.

Partly visible person dressed in blue standing at a table with colour samples in pastel colours

Material advantages

Wood wool has the capacity to store heat and has a porous structure that can balance the room's humidity by absorbing and releasing moisture. The result is a more comfortable indoor climate with minimal temperature fluctuations and reduced energy consumption.

Ecophon Saga™ also resists mould and rot, making it suitable for environments characterised by high humidity or activity levels, such as sports venues.

Locally sourced Swedish wood

The wood wool plant is located in the Swedish countryside, where it carefully redefines wood into sound absorption panels. Only certified and locally grown timber within an approximately 50 km radius is used as raw material.

Two hands holding a cut log of wood
Close-up of a hand holding a pile of shredded wood in a factory

Our road to sustainability

Ecophon aims to be the first net-zero acoustic solutions manufacturer. As we constantly develop the acoustic performance of our product offerings, we also strive to improve environmental sustainability through transparency and innovation.

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