Acoustic suspended ceiling in office lounge area

Schindler Innovation Campus

Project: Schindler Innovation Campus Berlin

Segment: Office

Country/city: Germany, Berlin

Project management: Matthias Menger, Koimo Development

Photographer: HG Esch Photography

On the outside, the administration building of the Schindler Innovation Campus Berlin has regained its original, elegant appearance, and on the inside everything is new and designed as a multi-space. You can work flexibly in a variety of open and closed rooms.

Schindler Innovation Campus wanted to increase the attractiveness of the office through social and cultural quality. Short lines of communication and common meeting places should support cooperation and thus the corporate culture.

The different workplace situations should do justice to the changing activities of the employees. You can work in a busy environment – for example at the classic workspace islands – or retreat to a closed niche where you are not heard or observed.