Akutex™ FT surface technology properties

Akutex™ FT is a modern surface available in a variety of colours for most Ecophon products. The standard colour range includes 22 attractive colours, inspired by nature.

The Akutex™ FT surface in combination with the glass wool core provides:

  • optimal sound absorption
  • less than half the average pore size compared to Akutex™ T 
  • a more dirt repellent product
  • a surface that is easier to clean

Product availability

Akutex™ FT is available in a wide range of colours for the products listed below:


Colour offering

Akutex FT White Frost   White Frost
Nearest NCS colour sample S 0500-N
Light reflectance 85%
  Akutex FT Ocean Storm   Ocean Storm
Nearest NCS colour sample S 4020-R90B-N
Light reflectance 24%
Dark Diamond   Dark Diamond
Nearest NCS colour sample S 9000-N
Light reflectance 4%
  Akutex FT Volcanic Ash   Volcanic Ash
Nearest NCS colour sample S 2002-Y
Light reflectance 56%
Akutex FT Moonlight Sky   Moonlight Sky
Nearest NCS colour sample S 7020-R90B
Light reflectance 7%
  Akutex FT Morning Drizzle   Morning Drizzle
Nearest NCS colour sample S 1002B
Light reflectance 69%.
Akutex FT Silver Stone   Silver Stone
Nearest NCS colour sample S 4502-Y
Light reflectance 29%
  Akutext FT Golden Field   Golden Field
Nearest NCS colour sample S 1040-G90Y
Light reflectance 61%
Akutex FT Cloudy Day   Cloudy Day
Nearest NCS colour sample S 1500-N
Light reflectance 62%
  Akutex FT Silk Slate   Silk Slate
Nearest NCS colour sample S 7000-N
Light reflectance 13%
Akutex FT Sunset Heat   Sunset Heat
Nearest NCS colour sample S 2070-Y60R
Light reflectance: 20%
  Akutex FT Peach Rose   Peach Rose
Nearest NCS colour sample S 1515-Y80R
Light reflectance: 55%
Akutex FT Goji Berry   Goji Berry
Nearest NCS colour sample S 3030-Y80R
Light reflectance: 27%
  Akutex FT Ruby Rock   Ruby Rock
Nearest NCS colour sample S 4050-R10B
Light reflectance: 7%
Akutex FT Highland Fog   Highland Fog
Nearest NCS colour sample S 2005-G
Light reflectance: 55%
  Akutex FT Silent Steam   Silent Steam
Nearest NCS colour sample S 2010-B
Light reflectance: 45%
Akutex FT Eucalyptus Leaf   Eucalyptus Leaf
Nearest NCS colour sample S 5010-B30G
Light reflectance: 23%
  Akutex FT Sage Garden   Sage Garden
Nearest NCS colour sample S 3010-B30G
Light reflectance: 39%
Akutex FT Scallops Shells   Scallops Shells
Nearest NCS colour sample S 0804-Y50R
Light reflectance: 76%
  Akutex FT Summer Forest   Summer Forest
Nearest NCS colour sample S 6030-G10Y
Light reflectance: 10%
Akutex FT Fresh Clover   Fresh Clover
Nearest NCS colour sample S 3020-G40Y
Light reflectance: 35%
  Akutex FT Wet Sand   Wet Sand
Nearest NCS colour sample S 3020-Y30R
Light reflectance: 35%


The NCS colour circle


Pick your own colour

In addition to the many standard colours shown on this page, Ecophon can also produce ceiling tiles in most of the colours in the NCS standard collection.

Please contact your local technical support for more information about non-standard colour options.     


Reinforced Akutex™ FT

Reinforced Akutex™ FT (only available in White Frost colour) is available on Ecophon Master™ Rigid ceiling tiles. The reinforced Akutex™ FT surface is a sandwich construction that in combination with the glass wool core provides a more impact resistant ceiling whilst retaining optimal sound absorption and aesthetical design.

Note: Colours may vary slightly between different production batches. Reproduction of colours vary between print, screen and reality.