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Ecophon Focus™ - the perfect toolbox

We continuously work to improve and update our most comprehensive system family, Ecophon Focus™, to be able to meet all your needs when it comes to installation, levels, forms and edge options.

Here are some of the latest updates for the Focus family:

Check markFaster installation of Ecophon Focus™ Lp

  • Same range as before
  • Reduced system cost and easier installation
  • Connect Spacebar is no longer needed
  • Connect Absorber distance HD is no longer needed
  • New panels can be placed in an old installation


Old Focus Lp

Old Focus Lp

New Focus Lp

New Focus Lp


Level changes with Focus Ds in a reception area

Check markLevel changes with Ecophon Focus™ Ds

  • Level changes now available for standard Focus Ds panels
  • Only 3 Connect™ accessories needed
  • Faster installation

M-sketch of Focus D/A for corridors
Check markEcophon Focus™ D/A for corridors

  • Large panels
  • Edges A and D in combination
  • Easy and fast installation

The new edge Focus Ez
Check markNew edge – Ecophon Focus™ Ez

  • Slightly tilted panel that can be placed in any direction
  • 600x600 mm panels
  • Precut panels make for smooth alignment with Ecophon Dot™
  • LED and Ecophon Square™
  • LED luminaires


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