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Effects of noise and stress in healthcare

Experienced nurse Pernilla Svensson shares her thoughts about noise and acoustics.

Serene Birmingham births

Clear communication and a sense of security were crucial to the interior design of the Serenity Midwifery Birth Centre.

The concept of calm

Replacing the old, imperforate metal ceiling with an acoustic ceiling halved activity noise at Sandwell General Hospital in Birmingham.

Healing environments conquer healthcare

The layout and design of Meander Medical Centre are intended to facilitate rest and promote the recovery process.

The accidental healthcare architect

A serious motorcycle accident gave architect Alessandro Caruso a mission: to improve the healthcare environment for patients.

Five tips for reducing noise levels in hospitals

Learn how to improve the sound environment in hospitals with five practical tips.

A healing environment for violent offenders

Helix, one of Sweden’s most modern forensic psychiatric care facilities, combines high level security with a healing, sound-friendly interior.

Children’s emergency ward becomes a healing jungle

Treatment rooms at Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital have been transformed into sound-friendly healing rooms with jungle themes.

Ambientes de recuperação

Conheça Fiona de Vos, a holandesa pioneira em ambientes de recuperação que já está a alguns passos à frente de tudo.

Communicating clearly in Lübeck

Patients’ lives depend on the skill and focus of the emergency medical team. Clear, precise communication is invaluable.

Acoustic research in care of the elderly

Bad acoustic design is not just annoying but also unhealthy, particularly for elderly residents in nursing homes. 

Noise reduction in the neonatal unit

The new neonatal unit at Umeå University Hospital is designed to be more sound-friendly for the tiny premature babies.

The health centre where patients find paradise

Bergsjön Health Centre is a calm oasis in an otherwise chaotic and problematic suburb.

Unlocking the potential of learning spaces

Meet a teacher, an architect and a researcher and find out their views on designing modern schools.

Eliminating barriers through activity-based learning

Schools need to eliminate barriers such as walls and frontal teaching says Mie Guldbaek Broens, an educational anthropologist and speaker on activity-based learning.

Bringing natural peace to the classroom

A Swedish elementary school modified the acoustics and lighting in four different classrooms on a trial basis. This turned out to be a highly successful experiment.