Ydeevnedeklarationer i henhold til det nye Construction Product Regulation (CPR) findes neden for som PDF-filer til download:





Focus Connect T24 Grid system
Master Connect T15 Grid system


Connect painted C3 grids, profiles & accessories
Hygiene Connect Trims, C004
Gedina Connect Super G accessories
Advantage Connect Al-profiles
Sombra Connect Access, Recessed & Inline profiles
Super G Connect Un-painted galvanized profiles


Connect T35 Grid system
Opta Connect Wood trims and wood accessories
Industry Connect Lacquered accessories
  Connect Galvanized accessories
Access Connect Other accessories
Akusto Connect Suspension details C1 
Extra Bass Connect Suspensions C3


Connect Stainless accessories
Solo Steel Connect Phosphated products

Solo Textile
Connect Products made from zamak or zink

Connect C4 grids,profiles & accessories

  Connect Accessories made of aluminium
  Connect Kits
  Connect Adjustable hangers C1
Connect Plastic Accessories