People in office environment

More than a product

You may think you’ve come to a company that manufactures and sells acoustic ceilings, wall panels. And you’re not wrong but that is not the answer you’d get if you ask anyone that works here or knows us.

You see, every single person at Ecophon shares a passion and conviction that room acoustics are an integral component of any great work environment that benefits people and the environment. The collective knowledge we share in this area is far greater than “just” the product (albeit a top-quality, innovative product).


Our driving forces could be summed up in three words: Passion. Responsibility. Openness.

This knowledge is so important to us that we even have a person dedicated to manage and develop internal training sessions for our employees (on top of various knowledge-sharing networks, e-learning modules, visiting lecturers and other initiatives), we have our own in-house professor in acoustics and several other people involved in research projects! It’s something we don’t take lightly.

There are several reasons of course but we use this knowledge in the development of our products and perhaps more importantly take it out into the world. Not just to our buying customers but to as many people as we can possibly reach because we think everyone deserves a good acoustic environment. Every school child deserves to hear and understand their teacher, every patient should be spared from a stressful sound environment, every office worker should be able to concentrate on their task and communicate with their colleague, every childcare worker deserves to keep their hearing and no factory worker should have to risk their safety due to a noisy work environment.

THAT is what we do.

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