Impact sound insulation

Illustration of how sound from footsteps generate noise.

Impact sound insulation relates to the reduction of footstep sound from people walking on a floor structure. It is determined by the impact sound level in the room below.

A suspended ceiling system can be used to improve the impact sound insulation and therefore reduce the impact sound level. Improvements are always linked to a specific type of floor structure. 

Impact sound level values

Improvement of laboratory value ΔLn,w accoring to ISO 140-8 and ISO 717-2 
Improvement Product

 9-11 dB


14-15 dB


15-18 dB

Combison Uno / Combison Duo / Combison dB

22-28 dB

Combison Uno / Combison Duo / Combison dB + Combison XR


The improvements are linked to a homogenous concrete floor of normal thickness (160-200 mm) and with a plastic carpet.