At Ecophon, we aim to provide a work environment where our employees are encouraged to build their careers and pursue their passion. For anyone showing an interest, there are excellent opportunities.

Top reasons why you should join Ecophon


1.  International and fast growing company where the people mean everything

At Ecophon you find everything an international and fast growing company should have. Operations on many continents. Exciting career opportunities. A great portfolio of solutions that make a real difference on people’s lives. And at Ecophon, the people in the team mean everything. At Ecophon we know how important it is to have an enjoyable though challenging job and having a good work-life balance.

2.  A strong culture 

Ecophon has a history dating back more than 50 years and is, in many ways, a traditional entrepreneurial company with a culture that is uncomplicated, direct and familiar. Amongst the main drivers are a great desire for innovation and development. We are a friendly and competent crowd that take great pride in and are committed to our work: we want to lead the industry

3.  A sustainable promise

Our promise – ‘A sound effect on people’ – is at the core of all our efforts and means that we will reduce our environmental impact and develop sustainable products with the same passion and commitment as we devote to our business in general. We count on our staff’s cooperation in achieving this goal together. 

4.  A dynamic atmosphere

Ecophon operates as a strong individual brand and yet the company is part of a large global group. This span generates a dynamic atmosphere that stimulates and develops the per­sonnel. There is a high work ethic and people are ambitious to do a good job, with considerable willingness to take on additional responsibilities. Our HR policy has developed over time and is based on a culture of mutual respect, diversity and internal promotion. Many have taken the opportunity to grow in new roles, both laterally and on the traditional career ladder. The vast majority of our managers are selected internally. 

5.  Training to promote development

At Ecophon, performance and opportunities go hand in hand. One of the basic prerequisites for professional and personal development at Ecophon is that people show determi­nation, take initiative and ask questions. The company organises in-house training in the Ecophon Training Programme and Ecophon Academy, which cover areas such as the protection of the environment, acoustics, ceiling systems and architecture, but also broaden competences in sales, IT and marketing. 

6.  International career opportunities at Saint-Gobain

Ecophon belongs to the global Saint-Gobain group, a company with a long history. Saint-Gobain is one of the top 100 industrial groups in the world and one of the 100 most innovative companies. Work is long-term and strategic, with encoura­gement of in-house mobility for a dynamic career. All forms of mobility, whether geographical or between positions or activities, are parts of the basics of Saint-Gobain’s HR policy. The span of our em­ployees’ experience and expertise is a fundamental element of the Group’s strength and it encourages innovation and interchange between teams. Development and transfer of expertise are the core of Saint-Gobain's training strategy, with new offerings and new tools appearing regularly. Saint-Gobain's many training centres around the world provide employees with custom-made courses that match profession or experience. . 

7.  Saint-Gobain encourages young talent

Saint-Gobain has developed a number of training pro­grammes for young professionals. Global Player is one of them and focuses particularly on young talent that is given trainee opportunities for 18 months at three different Saint-Gobain companies. They can bring a youthful, fresh outlook on different pro­jects while being exposed widely to the many aspects from a multinational company.