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Ecophon Education Guide
Making what's important heard



Impact of noise in education - A research summary
Explore the definitive evidence linking the impact acoustics and noise has in learning environments and students’ ability to learn.



Ecophon Office guide
Learn more about acoustics for offices. 


Ecophon Ready Reckoner

Ecophon - Ready reckoner for products and solutions

Using this simple flowchart, find out more about how to create healthy indoor environment in your Office!



Ecophon Akusto™ brochure
Explore vertical art variety with Ecophon Akusto™.



Ecophon Focus™ brochure
Enter a universe of design flexibility with Ecophon Focus™.


Ecophon Master™ brochure
Take care of demanding acoustics with Ecophon Master™.


Ecophon Solo™ brochure
Experience freedom of expression with Ecophon Solo™.



Master Eg design guide
Download the Master Eg Design guidance to discover the full capacity of this design system with a floating appearance.


Video guide_cover_127x90px.jpg

Acoustic Design Guide: Video Conference Rooms
This guide contains a quick and accessible introduction to the most important acoustic design aspects of video conferencing rooms.


Office research summary_cover_72x90px.jpg

Impact of noise in the workplace – A research summary
Delve into one of the superdrivers of workplace experience, noise. A deep dive in sound and environmental psychology of the productivity aspect of hearing.



Ecophon Solo™ - Experiencing freedom of expression
Read about how you can experience freedom of expression with the Ecophon Solo™ range.



Solo Matrix Design guidance
With Solo Matrix you can create a structured design inspired by lines and patterns and still get a nice, free floating visual appearance.



Direct Fixing brochure
Direct Fixing is an installation method that attaches sound absorbers directly to your existing soffit or ceiling using screws or glue adhesive for a fast and easy acoustic upgrade.


Hygiene brochure_cover_thumbnail_72x97px.jpg

Cleanability - General recommendations
Learn more about cleaning methods and which products
are best suited to your needs.



Express yourself with the touch of textile
Ecophon Solo™ Textile gives you more ways to express your style through the power of texture. Ecophon Solo Textile is the original acoustic cloud, covered in textile, once a first of its kind. 



Healthcare magazine
Learn how noise affects the quality of care within healthcare facilities and what acoustic solutions that comply with the hygiene demands in different kinds of hospital environment.


Ecophon Hygiene™ - Sound-absorbing solutions for all hygiene demands
The extensive Ecophon Hygiene™ range offers sound-absorbing solutions for environments with specific hygiene demands such as disinfection, water-resistance or the need to withstand high-pressure washing.


Ecophon Hygiene Performance™ Care Wall
Hygiene Performance Care Wall is a wall absorber specifically designed for healthcare facilities, with an easily disinfected surface and total resistance to mould and bacteria.


The ideal pool environment with Ecophon acoustic solutions
Ecophon offer several acoustic solutions that live up to all the demands of swimming pool and shower areas. You can choose between and combine wall-to-wall ceilings, wall absorbers and free-hanging absorbers.


Ecophon Acoustic Calculator knowledge guide cover

Ecophon Acoustic Calculator - Accurate values in advance
With Ecophon Acoustic Calculatror you can get accurate acoustic values before measurements. Learn more about the calculator, activity based design and room acoustics in this comprehensive knowledge guide.


Brochure cover: Knwoledge guide - Sound absorption free hanging units vs full ceiling

Knowledge Guide: Sound absorption - free hanging units versus full ceiling
Learn what factors determine when to use free-hanging units and when to use full covering ceilings to obtain the best acoustic environment.



Acoustic Design - Knowledge Guide Wall Acoustics
A knowledge guide for acoustic design in wall panel applications. This guide is only available as a Pdf document.