Lowering sound levels without lowering hygienic standards

The production environment in the food industry typically consists of hard surfaces and open spaces to permit good food hygiene practice. Production lines for preparation, filling, packing, freezing and preservation of food generate high noise levels, which is then reflected and spread by the hard surface materials. At the same time, any sound-absorbing system installed must not have a negative impact on hygiene. 


  • High noise levels from e.g. production machinery.
  • Open spaces permitting free sound propagation.
  • High hygiene demands.


  • Use a sound absorbing ceiling to reduce noise levels.
  • Utilize Baffles for areas where a wall-to-wall ceiling is not applicable.
  • Add wall absorbers to reduce sound propagation and increase speech clarity for personnel.

Product recommendation

For best results, we recommend combining solutions from the list below. Please visit the corresponding product page specified in the table to identify what solution best fit your needs.

Area requirements Ceiling solutions Free-hanging units Wall solutions
Stain protection, weekly wet wiping. Hygiene Performance Plus A
(Connect C3)
 -  -
Stain protection, high pressure washing 2/year. Hygiene Performance Plus A (Connect C3 ) Hygiene Performance Baffle
(Connect C3)
Hygiene Performance Wall
(Connect C3)
Dirt, grease and chemical resistance, daily high pressure washing.  Hygiene Advance A 
Connect C3)
Hygiene Advance Baffle
(Connect C3)
Hygiene Advance Wall
(Connect C3)