Pool areas are often very lively and noisy places where sound bounces off the hard surfaces of ceilings, walls and floors, and spreads across the surface of the water.

It is important to remember that these environments not only are for fun and games, they are also workplaces. For instance, swimming coaches need to be able to instruct swimmers and lifeguards need to quickly be able to determine what could be a call for help or a possibly serious incident.

A pool area places high demands on all products used. It is therefore very important to use grids and accessories that are  corrosion protected according to ISO 12944; C4 in pool areas and C3 in shower areas.  



  • Constant high noise levels.
  • Large open spaces where sound propagates freely.
  • Poor speech clarity.
  • High humidity, high temperatures, chloride and the risk of direct water splashes.


  • Use a wall-to-wall sound-absorbing ceiling.
  • Add wall absorbers wherever possible and at least on two adjacent walls.
  • Add free-hanging units where a wall-to-wall ceiling is not applicable.
  • Use solutions that are water-resistant, chloride-resistant, corrosion-resistant and can withstand high humidity and high temperatures.

Product recommendations

For best results, we recommend combining solutions from the list below. Please visit the corresponding product page specified in the table to identify what solution best fit your needs. 

 Area Ceilings  Wall solutions Free-hanging units

Pool (Connect C4)

Hygiene Performance A

Hygiene Performance Ds

Hygiene Advance A

Akusto Wall C Akutex HS

Hygiene Performance Baffle

Solo Square Akutex HS

Solo Rectangle Akutex HS

Solo Circle Akutex HS

Shower (Connect C3

Hygiene Advance A

Hygiene Performance A



For colour options, please contact Ecophon.