The most important thing in a classroom is speech clarity - for both teachers and students, both in traditional teaching and in group assignment. 

If a classroom has poor acoustics:

  • low-frequency sounds will distort speech
  • sound will bounce off ceiling and walls and create echoes
  • sound levels will escalate
  • students and teachers will have to raise their voices to be heard

This will make both teachers and students feel tired and unfocused. 


  • Reducing sound levels.
  • Minimising background low-frequency sound.
  • Ensuring speech clarity.
  • Preventing the build-up of echoes.
  • Ensuring speaker and listener comfort.


  • Use a sound-absorbing ceiling with exceptional absorption qualities for all speech frequencies, and particularly low frequencies.
  • Add wall absorbers on the back wall for traditional teaching, and on two adjacent walls for group teaching. Akusto Wall C Extra Bass with additional base-frequency absorption will provide the greatest benefit for the acoustic environment.
  • Add a speech-reflecting zone in the ceiling above the teacher for traditional teaching.

Product recommendation 

 Product combination Low frequency (125 HZ) Total acoustic performance Impact resistance / Durability 
5 5 5
5 5 3
Ceiling: Gedina
Wall: Akusto Wall
3 3 3

The recommendation above is for this particular activity and space, based on a comparison between Ecophon products. The scale applied ranges from 1 to 5, where 5 is the highest score.
 The gamma surface is to be used for the speech-reflecting zone.