Children breathe more than adults and are therfore more sensitive to toxicants in the air. Improving the indoor air quality in schools will benefit students and can improve their performance.

Children in schoolEnvironmental toxicants found in the air (both indoors and outdoors) will be delivered to children at higher internal doses than to adults due to the fact that:

  • Children breathe more air per kilogram of body weight than adults at rest.
  • Children also tend to be more physically active than adults. 

Several studies have shown that improving the air quality in classrooms may improve the children’s schoolwork.

The studies have looked at the effect on children’s performance at different ventilation rates: 

  • The speed at which the children performed numerical and language-based tasks improved significantly when the outdoor air supply rate was increased.
  • The performance of the schoolwork in terms of speed would increase by about 8% when doubling the outdoor air supply rate.

There are some things you can do to reduce the risk of a poor indoor air quality.

Of course you could enhance the ventilation, but we at Ecophon think it’s better to remove the pollution source. Using low-emitting building materials will decrease the pollution load on the air and may therefore have the same positive effect on childrens’ schoolwork as improved ventilation would.

By choosing Ecophon acoustic ceilings you’re not only getting excellent acoustical properties.

You'll also get a contribution to a good indoor air quality due to our low-emitting products. 

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