The most common activities in these spaces are different kinds of group work. If acoustics is not dealt with properly, sound will spread throughout the space and disturb all the other classes and groups. This will lead to a build-up of intrusive sounds, and particularly low-frequency sound, making students have to raise their voices, in turn escalating sound levels. All in all it would lead to a space where students have trouble focusing, and where teachers have trouble helping and instructing the students.


  • Reducing sound levels.
  • Stopping sound from spreading throughout the space.
  • Increasing speech clarity.


  • Use a sound-absorbing ceiling with good absorbing qualities in all speech frequencies.
  • Use wall absorbers next to as many group seatings as possible.

Product recommendation   

 Product combination Low frequency (125 HZ) Total acoustic performance Impact resistance/ Durability  Ceiling surface
5 5 3 Akutex™ FT
5 5 3 Akutex™ T
Ceiling: Gedina
Wall: Akusto Wall
3 3 3 Akutex™ T

This recommendation is for this particular activity and space, based on a comparison between Ecophon products. The scale applied ranges from 1 to 5, where 5 is the highest score.