Laboratories are complex spaces where several staff members are working to analyze samples or data. Cleanliness, airtightness and air particles often need to be controlled to avoid any contamination. The environment can be quite noisy due to technical equipment which are often running all day long.

Acoustic challenge

  • Reducing general sound levels and noise from technical equipment to make the space more comfortable to work in.
  • Reducing low frequency noise to make conversation easier between the staff.

Hygiene challenge

  • Type of stain: Dust, body fluids and microbes.
  • Cleaning frequency: Frequent.
  • Type of cleaning: Dry cleaning, wet wiping, disinfection, steam and HPV.


  • Use an acoustic ceiling to absorb noise in the area.
  • Place wall panels and baffles close to noisy equipment, absorbing noise by the source.

Product recommendation

Ceiling solutions Free-hanging units Wall solutions

Hygiene Advance A

Hygiene Protec A

Hygiene Protec Air A

Hygiene Performance Plus A





Hygiene Performance Wall

Hygiene Performance Care Wall