Activity Based Acoustic Design for offices

In order to create a space where people can perform a certain activity to the best of their ability, Ecophon has developed Activity Based Acoustic Design.

People will most likely perform a vast variety of activities in an office - talking on the phone, working in teams, having meetings, doing tasks in front of the computer that demand concentration or having brainstorming sessions. All these activities require their own acoustic solution.

To help you create an optimal sound environment for your office, we have put together a list of questions regarding activity, people and space. Once you have considered these, you are ready to choose an acoustic solution that suits your specific needs.


Office environmentActivity

Start by looking at what kind of activities that will take place.

  • What will people be doing in the space (take phone calls, team work or focus in front of the computer)?  
  • Will it be noisy?
  • How much time will be spent communicating and with whom?
  • Is confidentiality an issue? 

People in office environmentPeople

Then consider what people that will be involved in the activities and their needs.

  • Who are performing the activity? 
  • How many are there?
  • How old are they?
  • Do they have any special needs?

Open-plan officeSpace

Finally, you need to consider the building itself.

  • Is the space big or small?
  • Where is it situated?
  • What spaces are next to it and what activities are performed there?
  • Is it made up of hard surfaces such as concrete walls and ceilings? 
  • Are there any fans, projectors or other sound sources nearby? 

Acoustic solutions for offices