Office workers are often involved in projects and team assignments. To succeed, the team needs to transfer knowledge within the group and have meetings, discussions and work sessions. Preferably, this is done in a space separate from others, but it often takes place in a semi-open space or among others in a completely open space.


  • Ensuring speech clarity.
  • Preventing the build-up of echoes.
  • The room should also be properly sound-insulated to keep sound from entering or leaving the space.


  • Use a sound-absorbing ceiling with exceptional absorption qualities for all speech frequencies, particularly low frequencies and wall absorbers.
  • Use sound insulation.
  • Add sound-absorbing screens if people in adjacent areas can be disturbed.

Acoustic considerations

Speech clarity, sound propagation and sound level.

Product recommendations

For best results, we recommend combining solutions from the list below. Please visit the corresponding product page specified in the table to identify what solution best fit your needs

Ceiling solutions Wall solutions
Focus Akusto Wall A
  Akusto Wall C