Over 50 litres of blood donated at Ecophon Hyllinge

“Those of you who want to make a difference – become a blood donor,” says Ingela Kulle, Customer Service Manager at Ecophon Sweden and a regular blood donor when the local blood collection bus makes a stop at Ecophon in Hyllinge.

Ingela is one of the 30+ registered donors at the Ecophon stop who have donated around 50 litres of blood since the start three years ago. The bloodmobile visits Hyllinge for a refill every 4-6 months and is generally met by a range of donors; rookies and veterans, young and old.


I became a donor because I can and want to help other people.

“I became a donor because I can and want to help other people. Blood has a limited shelf-life and there’s often a shortage so it feels good to be able to help out. And so easily too,” Ingela continues as she returns to the office from the bus. 

“To be honest, I was a little nervous the first few times but it passed pretty quickly and these days it’s like any other appointment, I’ve been donating blood for three years now.”

All blood donated by Ecophon has been put to good use. In fact all blood gathered in the region is used within two weeks, nothing is ever wasted.

So, what is it like then?

“Well I’ve just been and feel perfectly fine. The nurses are absolutely lovely and look after you in the best possible way. As a bonus it’s a good way to keep tabs on my blood count.”