General principles of Conduct and Actions

The Saint-Gobain Group has developed a number of shared principles applied by both management and employees that have guided the Group's activities over the years.           

Principles of conduct

The Saint-Gobain Group considers that the basic values shared by management and employees alike are:

  • professional commitment
  • respect for others
  • integrity
  • loyalty
  • solidarity   

Principles of action

The Saint-Gobain Group wishes to set out the principles of action which govern the activities of all management teams and employees in the exercise of their professional responsibilities, regardless of the country involved. These principles of action1 help us achieve responsible and sustainable growth, in accordance with the Group's long-term strategy.

  • respect for the law
  • caring for the environment
  • worker health and safety
  • employee rights

People at every level in the Saint-Gobain Group are individually responsible for applying these principles of conduct and action. Today the Group wishes to give written expression to these principles, to help communicate them and reinforce their implementation throughout the Group worldwide.

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1They are intended to embody the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, adopted in June 2000.