Advanced cleanability

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In demanding environments, ceilings panels need to be compatible with advanced cleaning, disinfecting and scrubbing methods.

Some specific Ecophon products have been designed and tested for more challenging protocols:

  • Wet cleaning at low pressure: apply a suitable cleaning foam or gel on the surface, then rinse with water and finally wipe the surface dry with a clean soft microfibre cloth (made of minimum 70% polyester) in gentle circular movements.
  • Wet cleaning at high pressure: using a high pressure water equipment, ceiling systems with tiles secured with clips can be washed with pressure set between 20 and 40 bar, keeping a distance of at least 0.5 m between the hose and the panel. For an even higher pressure but not exceeding 100 bar, it is recommended to demount the tiles from the grid system, lay them against a rigid surface and keep a distance of at least 1 m between the hose and the panel. In all cases, it is recommended to keep an angle of incidence of 30° and a water temperature of 20°C. Clean the surface in linear movements. 
  • Steam cleaning: apply steam to the surface of the panels through a nozzle together with a soft microfibre cloth (made of minimum 70% polyester), in gentle circular movements.
  • Disinfection with Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour: according to the test method specified by Bioquell

Note: The use of clips on the back of the panels facilitates cleaning.

Always refer to a product’s technical datasheet to ensure its compatibility with the described cleaning methods.

Always ensure that the corrosion class of the ceiling grids is compatible with the desired cleaning protocol and cleaning products.