Sustainability is more than a word – it’s a collective movement to protect people and the planet that requires honest commitment and genuine care. But it’s not always treated that way. When it is instead used to market, misdirect or hide important facts, sustainability loses credibility. And what should be the most important movement of our times becomes, instead, a powerless statement that does more harm than good.

Ecophon is building on better principles, materials and transparency to bring credible sustainability back to our industry. We believe that true sustainability has nothing to hide. That working to its highest ideals is a natural part of having a sound effect on people. And that if we want sustainability to be meaningful, it has to start with an honest approach, high ambition, and the best of intentions.

This page, and all of the activities and commitments you’ll find on it, show where we are so far. But we have much more to do – and have also listed many of the goals we’re aiming to achieve in the nearest and not-too-distant future. We invite you to explore, compare, assess and even question – because a sustainable future needs all of us, building on better together.


How we work with sustainability

Ecophon is implementing sustainable practice across our operations and through our supplier chain in as many ways as we can. Here are some of those efforts and goals – there are more to come, and when they do, we’ll communicate them as quickly and completely as possible.


Aiming for true net zero

Ultimately, our prevailing sustainability goal for the company is to not be emitting more carbon than can be absorbed by 2050. We’re on the right track, and have many publicly-declared and independently-verified goals to mark progress along the way, including:

  • We have pledged to aim for 33% fewer direct emissions than 2017 by 2030*
  • All Nordic production sites are 100% powered by renewable electricity with Guarantee of Origin since 2018   
  • We have pledged to lower our own emissions across operations in every way possible before using carbon credits to offset any outstanding emissions

*Scope 1+2 target for 2030: 33% reduction (2017 reference year)
Scope 3 target for 2030: 17% reduction (2017 reference year)

Integrity is in the details

Ecophon has made full transparency a cornerstone of our sustainability activities. Current industry practice falls short of meaningful sustainability, resorting instead to greenwashing, misleading figures, and empty measures, statements or promises. We are leading by example to transform sustainability standards and expectations for our industry.    

  • We produce environmental product declarations (EPDs) for individual products rather than product families, which should be the current industry approach. Our way means fewer opportunities to greenwash unfavourable individual product numbers in better overall family figures.
  • 89% of sold products will have their own product-specific EPD by 2025
  • Our EPD’s include all data from the lifecycle assessment – not just the ones that look best, a prevalent tactic in the industry
  • Our Health Product Declaration (HPD) is a third-party verified document which includes a complete screening of product chemical substances down to 0.01%. The substances are compared to a priority list – results are publicly available.
  • Our products are certified for Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort, an aggregate of all the toughest indoor air quality values and labels. The certification includes regular factory inspections and frequent product testing – to make sure the same standard is being met batch after batch.
  • By 2025, 85% of our product range should be covered by both HPD and Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold – two certifications that are compliant with green building requirements
  • We adhere to the use of only correct and complete sustainability terms and claims in our communication, and publicly challenge their incorrect or misleading use
  • All of our sustainability performance claims are backed by numbers that are easily accessible and independently-verifiable

Interested to learn more about what to expect of a good EPD? Click to read our article with 5 recommendations that will help you asses the quality of the EPD.

Using as little as possible to do more than expected

We believe in and are working towards a true circular business model where we reduce our use of raw virgin materials, reduce production of waste in every way, and avoid landfills if at all possible through reuse and recycling. Ecophon circularity is a continually developing programme, with more capabilities coming online all the time.

  • The glass wool in our products is made from at least 70% post-consumer recycled glass 
  • Implemented SoundCircularity™ Recycling Service for more customers and markets, with a goal to have the service in place in all our key European markets by 2025
  • Aiming for an average of 55% recycled content in soft products by 2025
  • Aiming for at least 30% recycled content in plastic packaging by 2025
  • Targeting 50% less non-recovered waste per produced unit for 2025 compared to 2010

Innovation with purpose

The movement to true sustainability is driven by innovation. At Ecophon, it is a key for finding ways to limit the footprints of our current products and operations. But also to unlock new and more radical ways to improve, such as with new materials, processes or partnerships. Both are equally important to get to a net zero emissions world by 2050. 

  • We’re aiming for R&D with a fully integrated focus on sustainable technologies and processes by 2025
  • Our principles of eco-design and eco-innovation in the development process feature sustainability scorecards and calculation tools
  • Joint innovation with raw material suppliers is already in place to develop sustainable materials such as glue, veil, paint etc. We’re aiming for a reduction of the carbon footprint of our existing range by an average of 10% in 2025 compared to 2019 levels
  • We will offer digital tools to help customers reduce installation waste, simulate carbon impact and support circular services
  • Stated innovation goals include an aim for CO2 saving solutions that lower emissions on large projects by a minimum of 20% by 2025
  • Targeting to completely phase out fossil fuels on our production sites by 2025
  • Targeting 80% less water discharge per produced unit for 2025 compared to 2010

Green Building scorecards

Thanks to their unique properties and extensive and transparent documentation, Ecophon solutions are the optimal selection for ceilings in Green Buildings. Our products contribute in many ways to successful certification. All supporting documentation for Green Building assessment is easily available in our Download centre. 


Download centre

With full transparency as a core promise, we provide supporting documentation for the claims we make. Many of our activities, assessments and certifications are available here in the download centre.


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