De Schrank Primary School

Project: De Schrank Primary School

Country/city: Netherlands/Ospel

Architect: Grimbergen Architecten

Installer: Van Dijk afbouwprojecten 

Consultant: Paul Jacobs

Photographer: Hugo de Jong

The De Schrank Primary School, located in Ospel in the centre part of Limburg, was housed for a long time in a school building dating back to the 1950s. This building no longer met current standards, and decision was made to renovate it. De Schrank accommodates around 340 students and 20 teachers.

The school asked three local architects to submit a plan which stated that the less that was demolished, the greater would be the budget for the rest. Involvement and proven quality were also important items for the school. Architect Bas van Grimbergen was selected in the end.

“Right from the start, we focused on the acoustics and indoor environment. I know of buildings where these aspects went wrong, and I wanted to be absolutely sure that wouldn’t happen with this project. That’s why we brought in Paul Jacobs, who also comes from Ospel, as building physics, acoustics and installations consultant,” says school head Henk Martens.





The project is characterised by the power of cooperation. Paul Jacobs says: “One of architect Bas van Grimbergen’s best qualities is that he is able to listen and seek help from specialists, thus ensuring that optimum quality is achieved. A firm foundation was laid through proper preparation."

"The starting point for the indoor environment was to fulfil the “PvE Frisse Scholen” indoor climate guideline, category B, which we have largely achieved. The whole school is fitted with LED lighting, a sustainable climate control system has been installed and with the Ecophon Gedina A plus Extra Bass for low-frequency sound, it also fits in well with the acoustics. In consultation with the architect, a decision was made to work with a sealed grid system. This is an obvious choice with regard to the acoustics as it combines flexibility and accessibility,” Paul Jacob says.

The teachers are equally delighted with the acoustics. “I always used to have my radio switched on, but I’ve noticed that I haven’t had it on lately" says Wilma Willekens, teacher.  "If there’s any commotion, for instance in the central hall where a lot of children congregate, the noise is still not overpowering. Perhaps the best compliment comes from my daughter Noortje Willekens (25). Noortje has a hearing impairment and the first thing she said when she arrived here was: Mum, the acoustics are good here.”

There’s a very nice atmosphere here, which is a real luxury.
Wilma Willekens, teacher



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