ETSAM Architectural College of Madrid

Project: ETSAM – architectural college of Madrid

Country/city: Spain / Madrid

Installer: SAITER S.A.

Photographer: Alvaro San Román Gómez

Production year: 2015

The students' cafeteria at the architectural college of Madrid, ETSAM-UPM, was treated with Master Matrix in order to improve the sound environment.  

One of Spain’s leading acousticians, Dr. César Diaz, was in charge of making acoustic measurements before and after the installation. The large students cafeteria was treated with 50% coverage of  Master Matrix and the effects were clear:

  • a large reduction of the reverberation time (from 2.3s to 0.8s)
  • an increase of speech clarity (D50 from 25% to 65%)
  • the average active noise level dropped from 75 to 69 dBA – a very noticeable difference for the users of the space.

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