Fr.Agnels, Mumbai

Fr. Agnel as an institution aims to provide industry oriented quality education and holistic environment for overall personal development.


As the institute realized that good acoustics in classrooms will bring about a positive impact on the learning of students, they partnered with Ecophon to treat their seminar rooms which have a seating capacity of approx. 200 participants. Their major issues were high sound levels, higher reverberation time and low speech clarity. Acoustic Consultant (Mr. Rolins Roy) was taken onboard to further help with the acoustic treatment involving placement of wall panels and choosing the appropriate ceiling treatment. After the acoustical treatment, the CEO (Mr. Prasad Menon) said that they saw the change from day 1 itself. He observed the amazing drop in the reverberation time and also the people at the back could hear the speaker clearly now. The noise levels within the room reduced considerably. All these positive changes were validated by the pre and post treatment measurements done by the acoustic consultant. The director has urged all the education institutions to take up acoustics seriously and has also assured to take up acoustics as an important factor in their upcoming projects.