Public library, Szczecin

Project: Public Library in Szczecin

Segment: Additional areas, Leisure 

Country/city: Poland, Szczecin

Architect: KOKO-Projekt, Jacek Kokowski

Installer: Mibud, Janusz Miśko

Photographer: Bartosz Makowski


The seat of the library is a historical building, designed in 1884 as a free-standing school building. In the post-war period it was still used as a primary school, and in the 1980s it was adapted to a library function.

In 2017-2020, the Municipal Public Library carried out a major renovation and modernisation.

The project of adapting the building to the library was prepared by architect Jacek Kokowski from the KOKOPROJEKT office; he combined the beautiful, historic character of the interior with modernity. In the library there is a book rental, a reading room, a workshop room, a special room for larger meetings, and a games zone.

Ecophon Solo White Frost, Volcanic Ash and Silver Stone create not only an interesting visual atmosphere, but above all provide acoustic comfort to users.

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