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Case studies collection - Healthcare

Want to learn more about how acoustics and sound affect healthcare? Since 1999, we have initiated, gathered and done research to understand how sound affects people.

BIM – The construction revolution is happening now

BIM is on its way to revolutionise the whole building and construction sector. And it involves all the line. Even the end users, as facility managers, must keep updated and learn what BIM really is.

A different harmony by the sea

Right by the sea, between Amsterdam and The Hague, is the small Dutch town of Noordwijk. Here is the Woonzorgpark Willem van den Bergh located, a residential care park for mental and physical disabled.

Hospital facades: What you see is what you get

The Kuopio University Hospital in central Finland stands out compared to most other hospital buildings. The facade is adorned with photographs from inside the human body.

Patient first at new Finnish hospital

When the Central Finland Health Care district needed to expand the Central Hospital in the city of Jyväskylä, they built a new coherent hospital with one leading principle: Patient first.

Impact of noise in healthcare - A research summary

It is quite astonishing how much benefits an acoustic solution can contribute to. And in addition to all the human benefits, there are also many benefits when it comes to saving time and money.

AppAgent Office

Prague, Czech republic

Acoustic Design Guide: Video Conference Rooms

This Acoustic Design Guide contains a quick and accessible introduction to the most important acoustic design aspects of video conferencing rooms.

Seven tips for succeeding with activity-based working

Activity-based working is basically about change management – and to change the management, not only the behaviour of the staff.

Unique real-life study

Improved acoustics significantly reduces disturbance, according to unique study.

The silent problems of noise

India is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Noise surrounds many parts of Indian life, indoors as well as outdoors.

New method for optimal acoustic design in open plan offices

The traditional methods for assessing acoustic design uses data referring to an unoccupied empty space. But it is first when you consider the...

Doosan Bobcat: Creative company campus reflects the corporate brand

When the world’s leading manufacturer of compact excavators and loaders, Doosan Bobcat...

Impact of noise in education - A research summary

Explore the definitive evidence linking the impact acoustics and noise has in learning environments and students’ ability to learn.

Beyond Design

A conversation on quality of sound in offices - Beyond Design Architects & Consultants, Mumbai

Shashi Prabhu & Associates

An interview on Interior Acoustics