Masaryk University

Project: Masaryk University

Segment: Education

Country/city: The Czech Republic, Brno

Architect: INTAR, a.s.

Installer: KP ATTIC s.r.o.

Photographer: Štepán Látal


Reconstruction of new lecture halls and other rooms at the faculty based on the original, historic design, supplemented with modern audiovisual equipment and functional acoustic elements, resulting in a pleasant acoustic environment for all current and future school users.

Non-standard solutions and a unique environment

The artistic vision of the architects required using non-standard acoustic solutions, and Ecophon experts accepted the challenge. For example, it is worth mentioning the glass-roofed vestibule of the faculty, which is complemented by Ecophon Solo™ Baffle acoustic elements, allowing sunlight to penetrate into the room, which is crucial for a room where exhibitions and seminars are held. The local hall is another non-typically designed interior, where the distinctive circular lights are complemented by the Ecophon Focus™ Ds acoustic system, featuring a concealed grid which helps preserve the historical form.