BIMobject Awards



BIMobject awrad logoEcophon won this year's Developers’ Choice of BIM objects at the BIMobject Awards in Milan last week. The nominees were judged on: 

  • user success stories
  • the BIMobject DCM team’s experiences when working with the products
  • benefits for the construction industry 
  • being fun to work with

Kristian Larsen, Product & System Care Manager at Ecophon says he’s happy and honored to receive the award on behalf of the Ecophon BIM team:

“This particular category focuses on benefits for the construction industry and usability. It’s a really nice receipt that our customer focus is evident in everything we do.“

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BIM objects for Ecophon products are available for download online, more products will come later on this year. 

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What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process to create virtual models of a building project.

BIM allows architects, designers and builders to get a comprehensive model that incorporates essential information on all the building materials and components.