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Discover Ecophon SoundCircularity, based on circular initiatives such as our award-winning Recycling service, and Reuse products and services. Each offers a distinctive step forward in responsible lifecycle management of acoustic material, products and design.
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SoundCircularity is our circular business model for inspiring and leading the sustainability transformation of our industry. We’re continually building on our circularity program, with more services to come. And strengthening our circle of like-minded partners and stakeholders for the journey to net-zero acoustics.


Our initiatives to recapture previously marketed material and reprocess it for further use.

Read more about Recycling

Read more about Reuse

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Buy reused panels from Ecophon as an alternative to newly produced materials. The demounted panels from our reuse service are perfect candidates for use in new construction projects. Ecophon Sweden is fully operating reuse and offers reused products to buy. 

Ongoing innovation project

We are innovating new material streams with ReFAB. During 2022, Ecophon partnered with The Loop Factory, LINK Arkitektur, Decibel by Johanson, LogTrade Technology and the University of Lund in an initiative to optimise the construction industry’s use of resources: ReFAB.

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Towards circularity together

Want to get more in-depth knowledge about circularity? Read our real-life cases below.


Office design in the spirit of less waste and circular economy

40% of all waste generated in the world comes from the construction industry where finishing materials and fittings are most frequently replaced and discarded. This challenge was tackled by a Danish start-up, the creator of the Too Good To Go app, when they planned their office in Warsaw.

Less waste office design – hands-on tips

“We are finishing an office fit-out project for a major client. Everyone is happy until the client suddenly asks: ‘and in what way is this design green? Because we’d like to tell people about that’.” What can you do to avoid finding yourself in a situation like this? How to design actually greener office interiors with acoustics in mind?

Exterior of Hyllie Terrass office building in Malmö, Sweden

Hyllie Terrass – Office building that makes a big impression with a small footprint

A stone's throw from the Öresund Bridge, is one of Sweden's first climate-neutral office buildings – Hyllie Terrass. It's among the first pilot projects for the construction industry's new (and toughest) sustainability certification: Sweden Green Building Council's NollCO2 certification.

Grønnköpingkið – world's greenest hospital

The Nordic region is considered to be at the forefront when it comes to sustainable healthcare. To meet the increasing interest from international stakeholders, the Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare has gathered companies working with sustainable solutions and created the fictive Grønnköpingkið University Hospital.



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