Vasakronan Office

Project: Vasakronan Office

Country/city: Sweden/Stockholm

Designer: Maria Westerberg Design

Installer: Acoustic Montage

Photographer: Teddy Strandqvist/

Vasakronan is Sweden’s leading property company. Their headquarters in Stockholm is a large, open-plan office designed according to activity-based design. For Vasakronan, this has resulted in an office where no one has their own, designated desk. What people are doing at the moment defines where they should sit, in the area designed for that particular activity.

  All activities are different and need their own acoustic solution. In this case the activities include concentration-demanding work, both in open-seated environments and in smaller, private booths.  


The installed solution was Master B acoustic ceiling to lower sound levels and keep sound from spreading. Akusto One wall absorbers were chosen to absorb speech and sounds that otherwise bounce off walls, creating echoes. By reducing the wall reflections speech clarity and speech privacy are enhanced.



Showcase/Gallery Akusto One Master B Office