Moscow City Goverment

Project: Moscow City Government

Country/city: Russia/Moscow

Architect: Project Institute Arena

Photographer: Olga Melekestseva

Project size: 800 m² 

Products: Ecophon Solo™ Baffle

New Ecophon ceiling in Moscow City Hall’s concert hall  

In the autumn of 2015 the reconstruction of the ceiling in the Moscow City Hall’s concert hall, located in the New Arbat Avenue, was completed. The reconstruction work, where acoustic materials from Ecophon were used, was executed by Moscow architects from PI ARENA – the Design Institute of Unique Structures.  

Creating an optimal sound environment while maintaining the character

The hall’s original ceiling was made in1969 and consisted of vertical aluminium cells. It was dismantled already in 2010, as it was considered to be technically outdated and worn out. In the following renovation work the architects were faced with the task of reconstructing the original ceiling, ensuring a high-quality sound environment, preserving the unique geometrical construction of the ceiling, and the individual character of the hall, as well as minimizing the pressure on the existing architectural constructions.  

Ecophon Solo Baffles offer a wide range of possibilities

“When reconstructing old objects, one of the frequently arising problems is how to preserve the design and layout of the place, while improving its functional characteristics”, says Aleksey Orlov, architect at PI ARENA. “The application of contemporary high-tech materials, such as Ecophon Solo Baffle panels and the Connect suspension system, opens up a whole range of new possibilities in this area. The use of these panels in the reconstruction of the Moscow City Hall’s concert hall helped to create a better sound environment, ensuring good sound propagation, high speech intelligibility and optimal reverberation time.”





Case study Solo Baffle Concert hall