Free hanging acoustic panels in open-plan office

GKN Driveline International

Project: GKN Driveline International GmbH

Segment: Office

Country/city: Germany, Lohmar

Architect: stanke interiordesign

Photographer: Stefan Durstewitz

Project size: 2 000 m2

Production year: 2020

From cell to open space - the newly designed office shows itself in the company colours

Fixed work areas and rigid structures no longer meet the requirements of a modern office. The characteristic of the open-plan office is the activity-based use of the work areas while at the same time taking individual interests into account.

The open-plan design offers a quick, uncomplicated exchange among co-workers - the special designed lounge areas are particularly suitable for this. At the same time, zones for concentration work, holding meetings or for quiet phone calls were also considered in the planning. Telephone boxes combine the acoustic requirements of telephone booths with modern design and enable employees to have confidential conversations.